​Below we have detailed the beers we have created. We have 8 core beers, and will have several seasonal and special beers throughout the year.
Availability will be updated via our social media channels.  As for tasting notes, try them and make up your own mind.
The names? Well Eyam suffered a plague breakout in 1665, and the story is detailed in the Eyam Plague museum. See here for the story. 
Coolstone Pale

Coolstones Pale is our straw coloured pale. Sherbet finish. 


Alc. 3.5% // IBUs 20

Hops: Citra & Bobek


Quarantine is our easy drinking blonde ale


Alc. 4.5% // IBUs 28

Hops: Cascade & Pacific Jade

Ring o' Roses

Ring o' Roses is our session IPA


Alc. 4.1% // IBUs 48
Hops: Styrian Golding, WGV, Pacific Jade & Cascade 

All Fall Down

All Fall Down is our full bodied & flavoured IPA


Alc. 6.5% // IBUs 65
Hops: Styrian Golding, Fuggles, Pacific Jade & Cascade  

Eyam Best

Eyam Best is our  'not reinventing the wheel' bitter.


Alc. 5.0% // IBUs 44
Hops: WGV & Fuggles

Eyam Plague

Eyam Plague is our smooth stout. 


Alc. 4.8% // IBUs 38
Hops: WGV

Mompesson's Calling

Mompesson's Calling is our Plum Porter. Fruit flavours balanced with dark malt tones.


Alc. 5.5% // IBUs 41
Hops: WGV, Fuggles

Black Death

Black Death is our Vanilla Stout. Plenty of body with subtle vanilla notes


Alc. 7.0% // IBUs 27
Hops: Fuggles

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